100+ Cool, Clever and Funny WiFi Network Names

Do you want some cool, clever and funny wifi names for your wireless network or even for your mobile hotspot?

If your answer is yes then you are on the right portal. We will be sharing with you a huge and really cool list of WiFi SSID (Names) that will not only shook your neighbors but also your friends too. You can choose any of the name as per your interest or the one you find attractive.

Cool, Clever and Best Funny Wireless Network Names

Wifi Network Names

We have tried to provide you with some of the best WiFi Names. So below we have a good collection of wireless network names. You can change your router name with any of the one from below. You can send a message using a good name to a person who is around your connection. Note that you cannot add special characters like question mark etc. but you don’t have to be worried about it.

Funny Wifi Names

Here we have some really funny wirless network names for you. You can choose any of the name. You can also use these names as your hotspot name.

  1. My Wifi Is My Wifi Non Of Your Wifi
  2. Lazy Connection
  3. This Is My LAN-d
  4. Not a good choice for you
  5. You better try others
  6. Burning WIFI
  7. Slower than a tortoile
  8. Difficult to connect
  9. Strong Password
  10. Not Speedy LAN
  11. Where is my router
  12. Connected to Owner
  13. Good for me only
  14. Wi-fight when we can be friends
  15. I can share anything except this
  16. Under Construction
  17. Bad Choice
  18. Not Free Wifi
  19. Don’t Try using 123 passwords
  20. Weak Signals
  21. Not-Trusted Connection
  22. No Internet Acces
  23. Access Denied
  24. Sharing Is Caring Except Wifi
  25. Welcome to my Wifi
  26. Non-Smooth Network
  27. Move On
  28. Try the next one
  29. Smile and Leave
  30. Konnected For Me Only
  31. Not the connection you are looking for
  32. Money can buy Wifi
  33. Happy LAN
  34. Not So Strong
  35. Buffering
  36. No More Wifi
  37. Say no to this Wifi
  38. Auto Disconnected
  39. Not a Good Choice
  40. Leave Me Alone

Cool Wifi Names

Along with some funny names lets now have a look on the list of some cool names you might try. You can also make suitable changes in them as you like.

  1. No More Users
  2. Pay Bill Together
  3. Nothing is For Free
  4. Premium
  5. Risky
  6. Users Full
  7. Faster than me
  8. Loading…
  9. Locked
  10. Don’t try
  11. Password is as strong as me
  12. Don’t use stupid apps to hack
  14. Suggest a name
  15. Everything else wifi
  16. I pay for this
  17. Free to see
  18. Dumb Network
  19. I hate it but its mine
  20. I don’t share
  21. Ask something else
  22. Play Dinosaur game
  23. Let’s pay together
  24. Always mine
  25. Cooler than me
  26. Need Friends
  27. Too many connected
  28. 24 Hours
  29. Error
  30. Stucked

Clever WiFi Network Names

So here we have some clever and creative WiFi names that you would love to give a try. You can even combine two different names.

  1. As clever as me
  2. Searching a name
  3. Hard to Hack
  4. Setting up things…
  5. Really Slow 🙁
  6. As Fast as Me
  7. Suggest me a clever name
  8. Pin is Smarter than me
  9. Connections Allowed 1/1
  10. Scroll down
  11. Find Wifi
  12. Booked
  13. Busy
  14. Wi-Not
  15. WiMore
  16. Never Download
  17. You are not looking for me
  18. You R the best
  19. Toxicity Free
  20. Mine ©
  21. Say № to Connection
  22. TRY TRY Again
  23. 25$/month
  24. Expensive
  25. Welcome to My World!
  26. No Free Trials
  27. Hardly Pay For This
  28. Wanna pay some
  29. Searching for speed
  30. Used to be smoother
  31. Never Connect
  32. Anything except this

Random Names For Network

  1. On and Off
  2. Small Network for Huge Family
  3. Busy With Connections
  4. I pay for it
  5. WiFine
  6. Sorry, Not this one
  7. 0% Off
  8. Looking For Bill Partner
  9. Plz Don’t Try Passwords
  10. For Study Only

Almost everybody in the world currently is using internet. Some use mobile sims to get internet connection and some use wireless devices. Even if you use a mobile sim to get the connection for you. You must be turning on the hotspot feature of your device to share your internet with your friends or even to your own other devices. If you want your hotspot or your wifi to have a cool name then you can choose one from our list of router names.

Well you might have seen some attractive names from others on your device while connecting to the WiFi. But now it’s actually the time to get the attraction and the attention of the others like your neighbors, friends or even family members by getting a good WiFi name.

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So these were some WiFi Names. We will keep on updating this list. If you have some suggestions or questions, feel free to post a comment down below.

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