100+ Cool, Clever and Best Funny Wireless Network Names

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Do you want some cool, clever and funny wifi names for your wireless network or even fo

r your mobile hotspot? If your answer is yes then you are on one of the best places. We will be sharing with you a huge and really cool list of names that will not only shook your neighbors but also your friends too. You can choose any of the name as per your interest or the one you find attractive.

Almost everybody in the world currently is using internet. Some use mobile sims to get internet connection and some use wireless devices. Even if you use a mobile sim to get the connection for you. You must be turning on the hotspot feature of your device to share your internet with your friends or even to your own other devices. If you want your hotspot or your wifi to have a cool name then you can choose one from below.

Well you may get some attractive names from others on your device while connecting to the wifi. But now it’s actually the time to get the attraction and the attention of the other like your neighbors, friends or even family members. But before going to that you should also have a look on 100+ Youtube Channel Names For New Channels.

Best Funny Wifi Names

So below we have a good collection of wirless network names. You can change your wifi’s name with any of the one from below. You can send a message using a good name to a person who is around your connection. Note that you cannot add special characters like question mark etc. but you don’t have to be worried about it.

Funny Wifi Names

Here we have some really funny wirless network names for your wirless network. You can choose any of the name from below. You can also use these names as your hotspot name.

  • My Wifi Is My Wifi Non Of Your Wifi
  • Lazy Connection
  • This Is My LAN-d
  • Not a good choice for you
  • You better try others
  • Burning WIFI
  • Slower than a tortoile
  • Difficult to connect
  • Strong Password
  • Not Speedy LAN
  • Where is my router
  • Connected
  • Good for me only
  • Wi-fight when we can be friends
  • I can share anything except this
  • Under Construction
  • Bad Choice
  • Not Free Wifi
  • Try using 123 passwords
  • Weak Signals
  • Not-Trusted Connection
  • No Internet Acces
  • Access Denied
  • Sharing Is Caring Except Wifi
  • Welcome to my Wifi
  • Non-Smooth Network
  • Move On
  • Try the next one
  • Smile and Leave
  • Connected, Unsecured
  • Not the connection you are looking for
  • Money can buy Wifi
  • Happy LAN
  • Not So Strong
  • Buffering
  • No More Wifi
  • Say no to Wifi
  • Auto Disconnected
  • Not a Good Choice
  • Leave Me Alone


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