How to Delete Your Gmail Account : Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to delete your gmail account? if yes then we have a step by step guide for you. This article will help you to remove your gmail account from the internet . After deleting your account you will no longer have access to your mails and your mail settings will be removed. But keep in mind that eliminating gmail will not delete your google account and you will have access to your activity. You can delete a gmail account on mobile or on computer.

There can be multiple reasons why you don’t need your gmail anymore. May be you have a new one now therefore you don’t want to use older one or you wanted a different email address etc.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account - Step By Step Guide
How to delete gmail account on computer/mobile

There are few things you either need to know or do before deleting your gmail account. You can read them listed below as they can be very informative.

Things you need to know before deleting Gmail Account

1. You cannot Delete Gmail without a Password

If you have forgot your gmail account password and you want to delete it then it is not possible. In that case you can simply reset your gmail password.

2. Download your Gmail Data

You may have some really important mails or contact in your gmail account that you don’t want to lose. Before deleting your account try downloading the data by going to Google Takeout of the email you are deleting. Just select Mail and Contacts or any other of your google products data you need. After that Proceed to the next step and choose a data delivery method to get your data there. It can take some time for you to receive data.

For detailed guide on how to download your data by google you can visit here.

3. Update mails of other accounts connected to your Gmail

If your gmail is connected to a 3rd party website or app like Facebook, twitter etc. then you are not going to receive updates from them on the mail you are deleting. You may not be able to recover or reset your other accounts passwords. Before things get a bad turn just update your email from the other platforms.

4. Your gmail address won’t be available to anyone

In future nobody will be able to use your deleted gmail’s email address. However if you want your email address back you might get it.

5. Your google account will not be deleted

Only your gmail service will be deleted so no need to worry about your whole google account.

6. Recovering your deleted gmail account

You may get your deleted gmail back by going to google account help on How to recover recently deleted google account back.

How to Delete Gmail Account

Now let’s get back to our main topic. Below are the few steps you need to follow in order to delete your gmail account.

Step 1: Go to your browser and sign in to

2. On mobile at very top and on computer just on the left navigation click Data & personalization option.

3. Go down to Download, delete, or make a plan for your data option and click on Delete a Service or your account.

4. Now under delete a Google Service click delete a service.Sign in or enter password again with the same email if it asks you to.

5. Under Delete a Service click trash icon near gmail.

6. Now you will be asked to enter another of your email address (other than gmail). So you have to type a yahoo mail or any other than gmail. mail in order to keep on using other google services.

7. Now you will receive an email from google to confirm deletion on your other address. Open that mail in yahoo etc. and then open the link google have sent you.

Step 8 (Final): Now you will be redirected to confirm gmail deletion page. Read it carefully and then check the mark that you want to delete gmail. Press delete gmail and all done.

  • Click Done and your gmail account is finally deleted. Below is the deleted message you will receive from google at the end. After that you will be able to sign in to this google account using your other email.

That’s all folks! Hope this detailed guide on How to delete your gmail account helps you. If you want to ask anything then you can post a comment down below.

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