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Random Password Generator is a tool that you can use to get quick random passwords. You can choose the length of the password as you want ranging from 1-50. Other than that you have a choice to go with a password having digits, uppercase alphabets, lowercase alphabets or symbols. Also you can choose a combination of all or as you like. A strong password usually contains a combination of all of them having a good length. It is a free password generator and we have tried our best to provide you with easy to understand and user friendly environment.

How to use this Random Password Generator?

Indeed using this password generator is very easy. To make you understand things better here is a guide to create random password.

First of all choose the length of the password. You have a choice to go from 1 character to 50 characters. Move the slider to get your desired password length. By default the length is set to 12 characters.

Afterwards the next step is Settings, its totally up to you that what you want or need in your password. You have choice to choose numbers only, uppercase or lowercase alphabets only or symbols only. Other than that you can also go with the combination of only two, three or even all of them. Just check or uncheck options in setting as you like. By default, except include symbols all other options are checked.

Now you just have to press Generate Password button and you will get a random password at above field. The password will be according to your chosen settings and length. Press copy button and your password is copied to the clipboard. If you have not liked the password you can press generate password button again and again till you get good one according to you.

Tips for Secure and Strong Password

A strong password helps you in many ways. We have a few suggestions that can help you to make a strong and secure password.

Short length passwords are easier to be predicted and break. So we will suggest you to go for a password having at least 12-16 characters of length. Create a password with at least 1 number, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 special symbol in it. Rather than just numbers or just alphabets go for a password having numbers, lower and uppercase alphabets and at least one symbol in it.

Try not to use common words specifically your name etc. , numbers (phone numbers, birth date etc.) Some Examples of strong passwords are: iaRFa4*8!W9%, e(@R0T19wAuGo_, ?9gP;*k98pL_Zm7Z. Example of some weak passwords are: password123, 123456789, 23October, qwerty etc. Though 12345, qwerty, password, 111111 are considered as least secure and worst passwords. Repeated series of characters or words are also considered as weak such as 222222, BBBBBB etc.

It is also suggested to keep on changing your password regularly once at least 30-90 days. Use different passwords for different websites. Try not to write your password on a computer that is not yours or you don’t trust. Don’t tell your passwords to other people.

You can use secure Password Managers to store your passwords, write it at a secure place and after memorizing remove it or search for other securest ways.

Benefits of using Online Password Generator

Usually it is difficult for us (people) to come up with a random password or a strong one. We get confused and it consumes a lot of our time so why not try an online password generator. Just choose your desired length and settings then tap the generate password button. Immediately you will see a random password and even if you did not like it you have free choice to click the generate password button again and again. Also you can change the settings whenever you want.

In addition you can use a password generator in your own way. You have choice to include letters, digits or symbols according to your need. Moreover you can choose the length of password as you want, our Random Password Generator can help you generate a password having length from 1-50 characters.

How to create Strong Password with this tool?

As we mentioned earlier using our password generator is simple and easy. We have tried our best to not make it rocket science. To generate a stronger password and use this tool as a strong password generator you just have to follow a few steps:

  1. While using our free password generator you will see a few options including the length slider and settings of your password as shown below:
    Strong Password Generator Options
  2. The first option is the length slider which let you choose the length of your password. Different sources have different opinions on password length. However we will recommend for a strong password you can go for a length of 12-16 characters. Especially if you will be using the password for important stuff.
  3. Afterwards the next option is settings. It helps you include characters of your wish in the password. By default except symbols all options are checked but we will advise you to go for symbols too and check all options.